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nafiche 123
Jun 14, 2022
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The operation scenario is the interface data refresh after the user's finger slides down the interface and the interface slides down synchronously, and the rest executive email list are roughly the same; the animation can be displayed in the form of a plum wreath, a small plane floating, or an IP image running or dotted. jumping, etc. The main function of the refreshed animation in the executive email list APP is to clearly inform the user that the current interface has been refreshed after his operation. Please wait patiently for the result, so that you can effectively go from before the operation to the operation and then after the operation. Take a full action and visual path presentation. 4. Information notice Most APPs will have a message function, which will mainly display the new messages of the system and the result messages after the user's own operation, etc. When the new message comes, it is like a courier sent you a new courier In the same way, a reminder is needed, executive email list and this reminder needs to be displayed by animation. Although some APP's new message reminders are displayed with "small red dots", according to the logic of the user's mental model and the actual scene, the arrival of a new message should be a reminder with a small bell or a mobile phone vibration and sound matching Also, subtle animated message reminders will naturally attract the user's attention, so animating notifications is also a pleasant way for users to convey messages, executive email list and subtle little animations don't affect the core of the user. experience. 5. Navigation transition Navigation is generally divided into: top category navigation, bottom tab main navigation, sidebar navigation. First of all, let's talk about the main tab navigation at the bottom . It mainly controls the first-level interface switching of the APP interface. Generally, the reaction after clicking is to switch directly in a point-like manner. The too fancy switching animation is good-looking; but in the real operation scene, Like this kind of high-frequency navigation switching, once or twice is fine. If there are too many, it will not only increase the loading speed of the APP, but also make executive email list the user feel visual fatigue, so it is most appropriate to switch directly. Animation show. The second is the top category navigation . The navigation here mainly controls the level 1 switching in a executive email list current interface, such as "square" and "follow" in Netease Cloud Music. The navigation animation here can be displayed by a relatively simple and soft sliding, so that The purpose is to enable the user to clearly know where the new interface came from through the line of sight after the operation. I want to go back to the starting point and how to operate. Through the visual path, a perfect visual from the beginning to the end can be formed. route. The last one is
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nafiche 123

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